Specialized Professional Services

A company that provides “Specialized Consulting Services” with over 21 years of experience in SAP Consulting, which has a work team made up of specialists with in-depth knowledge of the solutions offered and experience in the markets it operates.

Our commitment is daily and permanent, we accompany our clients in all their challenges and projects with the aim of forming a solid and collaborative work team that is dedicated to achieving the objectives set.

We are interested in the personalization and differentiation of the service, we try to ensure that the added value we provide to our customers is perceived from the start and allows us to go through a path together to achieve the objectives within a reasonable time.

Our Mission is to offer “Integral Solutions” of high quality, we do not offer resources, professionals or partial solutions.

Our presence in Latin America, the Caribbean and other regions helps us grow professionally and acquire flexibility to adapt to change, work in different languages and apply all our interpersonal skills to integrate teams and cultures.

Freedom of expression, solidarity and respect for others are the fundamental pillars that holds us and build lasting and reliable relationships with our customers.

Maximiliano Diego Romero

Founder / Managing Director

  • SAP Manager & Project Leader

  • SAP Specialist & Auditor

  • SAP Training Architect

  • SAP Instructor

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SAP Implementation Projects
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Evolutionary & Improvements SAP Projects
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SAP Audits and Quality Controls
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Max is a Certified Public Accountant and Internal Auditor, with 24 years of professional career, including 21 years of experience in SAP Implementation Projects and Global Project Management in Latin America and the Caribbean.

With a strong orientation in Advanced Finance Solutions and Public Sector Solutions, Max has specialized in managing and implementing SAP Projects related to Financial Management, Budgetary Management, Results Management, Controlling and Profitability Analysis, among others.

Due to his professional career and certifications, Max specializes as well in SAP Audit and Quality Control Projects and risk and safety control. (Segregation of SOD Functions and other Compliance Solutions).

Max is a leading Training Architect and Instructor of SAP Courses and Workshops related to different processes and activities of any organization.

Max has excellent knowledge and mastery of SAP S/4HANA, SAP Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC), Management of Internal Controls (MIC) Audit Information System (AIS) and other solutions related to SAP Audit.

Max also has excellent Functional and Technical knowledge about the integration of SAP with other SAP tools (BI, Portal, BO) and not SAP tools (Tax Bodies, Financial Services, Other BI Solutions).

Max stands out for excellent communication and interpersonal skills, knowledge and experience in Global Management and other basic and essential skills for Effective Project Management.

Max has strength in high-level presentations and level of detail, excellent organization and methods of adequate follow-up of deliverables.